Corporate social responsibility

Social Policy

Social responsibility is among the cornerstones of our business. Unipro PJSC pursues a broad range of social activities, both inside and outside the Company. By implementing a variety of social projects, Unipro contributes to improvements in the living standards of the public at large. In line with the tradition established in Uniper Group, the company prioritizes the development of the regions where it operates in its charity work.

Over the last three years, the company has allocated over RUB 260 mln to charity and social projects.

  • Educational Projects

    Unipro PJSC gives a lot of attention to education and development of the young generation. The Company supports kindergartens, schools, and social institutions for children in the regions of its operations and collaborates with schools and universities to train future power engineers who may potentially be employed by Unipro PJSC in the future.

    Career Starts at School

    Unipro PJSC has been implementing the “Career Starts at School” project since 2007. The company facilitated the creation of power engineering classes in Sharypovo, Surgut, Shatura, Yaiva, and Ozerny where high-school students (grades 10-11) study mathematics, physics, and computer science and acquire industry-specific knowledge in power engineering.

    When they enter college, the youngsters are provided with an opportunity to gain work experience at the Company’s branches, and the best of them are offered jobs after they graduate.

    Uniproshka for Kids

    In 2018, the company launched the “Uniproshka for Kids” project aimed at training preschool and elementary school children in safety rules outdoors, indoors, and in public places and giving them basic self-rescue skills for emergency situations.

    In 2019, all company branches sponsored lectures to raise environmental awareness and delivered training in traffic and safety rules in various situations to preschoolers and schoolchildren.

    The project earned the Intercomm 2019 award in the “Territory of the Good” category and a special prize for the best social project from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

  • Healthcare Projects

    Every year, Unipro PJSC supports healthcare facilities in the regions of its operations

    Galchonok Foundation

    The Company launched cooperation with Galchonok Foundation back in 2012. In 2019, Unipro extended assistance to 10 kids suffering from organic disorders of the central nervous system. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure such kids, but it is possible to improve the quality of their life significantly and prevent complications. The kids were delivered a rehabilitation course in special centers and provided with rehabilitation equipment.

    Illustrated Books for Little Blind Children

    Unipro PJSC sponsors the publishing of illustrated educational books for children with residual vision under 20%. The company has been collaborating with the Illustrated Books for Blind Children charity fund for more than ten years now. Over these years, children at specialized institutions in Smolensk, Perm Territory localities, Surgut, Krasnoyarsk, and Shatura have received about 2000 sets of books.

  • Projects in Culture

    Unipro PJSC gives a lot of attention to projects in the field of culture. In 2014, in cooperation with Orpheus classical music radio station, our company launched the charity project titled “Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival” that is aimed at restoring and preserving the forgotten musical masterpieces and saving valuable music publications and music sheets. Over fifty books have been restored since the inception of the project. The first phase of the project was successfully completed in 2015 resulting in the concert performance of “Raphael” — an opera by gifted Russian composer Anton Arensky that was restored under the project. The second phase of the project included the restoration and recording of the works by Russian conductor, pianist, composer, and choirmaster Nikolay Golovanov — his symphonic and religious pieces were presented to the public at large. The next phase (2016 – 2017) was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. We restored the music by Soviet composer Alexander Mosolov — the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory hosted a concert titled “The Unknown Mosolov” that proved a great success. In 2018, the musical heritage of Soviet composer and conductor Leonid Polovinkin who was among the first Soviet avant-garde musicians on par with Mosolov was restored, while in 2019, the project focused on the manuscripts by Russian composer and music theorist Georgy Catoire. In February 2019, the stage of the Novaya Opera Theater hosted the 1st International Music Festival “Energie d’Ouverture”. This large-scale event that proved to be of paramount importance for the cultural life of the nation was devoted to the talented, but unheralded composers — Leonid Polovinkin, Georgy Catoire, Nikolay Golovanov, and Alexander Mosolov.

    Moscow Synodal Choir

    Starting from 2015, Unipro has been supporting one of Russia’s oldest professional choirs — the Moscow Synodal Choir dating back to the 16th century. The revival of today’s Moscow Synodal Choir started in spring 2009. Currently, the Choir has 80 choristers. The Moscow Synodal Choir gives concert performances in Moscow, Russia, and abroad. The Choir’s international performances are intended to cultivate relationships between countries and cultures.

    Sharypovo Municipal Theater

    Berezovskaya GRES has been supporting the Sharypovo municipal theater since it was founded in 1993. In 2019, the company provided the students of Sharypovo children’s drama school “Art-Entre” with financial support to travel to Moscow and take part in the “Good Luck!” drama contest for youth drama schools. The school’s show “It Happened in Venice” based on Carlo Goldoni’s “The Servant of Two Masters” won Degree 1 Award, while one of its students (Maxim Osintsev) earned the “Best Actor” Diploma.

    Golden Mask Theater Festival

    In 2019, plays by the best Russian theaters were performed in Sharypovo. It was the first time that the Golden Mask festival was held here thanks to the financial support provided by Unipro PJSC; however, this was not the first time when the town figured in the history of this festival. The shows by the Sharypovo Drama Theater (“Gang of Outsiders” and “From the College”) were presented in the non-competitive part of the festival (“Mask Plus”) in 2018 and 2019.

    “Surikov: The Conquest of Snow Fortress” Exhibition

    In March 2019, Krasnoyarsk hosted the 29th World Winter Universiade that coincided with a landmark cultural event in the city — inauguration of the “Surikov. The Conquest of Snow Fortress” exhibition. Over 60 works of the painter were brought to Krasnoyarsk from six museums across Russia. Unipro PJSC served as the general sponsor of the exhibition.

    Vivacello Festival

    2019 was the first time when Unipro served as the general partner of Vivacello international cello festival. Vivacello is the only large-scale annual project devoted to cello music in Russia.

    In the Black Fox’s Footsteps

    In June 2019, on the occasion of the 425th anniversary of Surgut, Surgutskaya GRES-2 took part in the project titled “In the Black Fox’s Footsteps” providing by the “Old Surgut” historical and cultural center by allocating funds to the ongoing implementation of the “Black Fox’s House” project devoted to the heraldic symbol of the city.

  • Projects in Fitness and Sports

    Support and promotion of fitness and sports in the regions of its operations constitute an important dimension of the company’s charity work.

    Support of the Taekwondo Club

    Smolenskaya GRES has sponsored the trips by taekwondo students of Dukhovschinsky Club to the European competitions. Thanks to this financial support, Danila Goncharov competed for the Cup of the President of the European Union of Taekwondo for Youth (Sindelfingen, Germany) and won the first prize followed by winning the third prize in the World Cup in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

    Viktoria Semenkova won the first prize and Maria Matina won the second prize at the Taekwondo European Cup for Children (Sindelfingen, Germany).

    The company supported the second boxing tournament in the Ozerny settlement for Smolenskaya GRES prizes.

    The company traditionally supports model boating competitions in memory of Anatoly Lebedev — a former plant employee and founder of the “Odysseus” model boating club. The club is provided with financial support to purchase models, equipment, and spare parts on an annual basis.

  • Support for Veterans of Wars and Armed Conflicts, Power Industry Veterans, Low-Income Groups, and People with Disabilities

    Every year, all branches of the company send greetings to WWII veterans and former employees of the power plants, provide them with financial assistance, invite them to special events, and congratulate them on anniversaries.

    Sharypovsky District — Territory of Equal Opportunities

    The “Sharypovsky District — Territory of Equal Opportunities” program has been implemented since 2013 in close cooperation with Unipro PJSC Berezovskaya GRES Branch. Over this period, the company has allocated RUB 5,980,000 to cover the needs of rural residents with disabilities. In total, over 700 disabled persons have been supported.

    Computer technologies made it possible for disabled people to create a community in the social media. These people are delivered online developmental and psychological training sessions organized by the company in cooperation with social and educational institutions. The specialists of the Sharypovsky District Social Service Center deliver sessions to the parents of disabled children to teach them how to use online resources to help their kids.